In 2018, I found a discarded vintage dressmaker form. Bringing it to the studio, I put it on like a vest and pressed it to take on my shape. I felt like I was wearing armour. While completing a drawing of the form, I discovered that it is called My Double.
Afterwards, I remained interested in the form. Do I have a double? Who is she? Letting my imagination roam over these and other questions, I used fishing netting, chain mail, feathers and other found objects from my collection to invent angel, guardian and warrior figures. These I placed in geometric patterns that compress the space in which they inhabit, like they are being presented on a stage.

  • Guardian
  • Street Angel
  • Floating Angel
  • Falling Angel
  • Deciding Angel
  • Forest Fire Warrior
  • Downtown Warrior
  • Rising Sea Levels Warrior
  • Sister Warriors