In September of 2018, I spent a month at an artist residency in the town of Tilting, on Fogo Island, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is such an inspiring place. The studio where I stayed is located close to a trail that circles down to a cove, past the family gardens, out to the point, by the pond with the vibrating stones, to then loop back past the bog before returning to the studio. I walked this circular path over and over again during my stay, stopping to draw, paint, photograph and observe.
In these pieces, a single detail anchors each drawing, while a changing sky defines the top. Between these elements, the sea, the rocks, the fields and the shore are energetic forms whose edges soften and dissolve, suggesting the dream-like and temporary nature of this experience.

  • beach
  • cove
  • field
  • lagoon
  • shore